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Throughout the semester, tutors will host workshops on various aspects of writing. These workshops include topics such as grammar, writing a strong thesis statement, organizing a research paper, citing sources, etc. All students are invited to attend. Times and dates will vary with each semester.

All workshops will be held in McKay 101.

All students are welcome to attend. 
Seating is limited to number of chairs in the roomFirst come first serve.

Fall 2017 Workshops

Tuesday, September 26

9:30 pm

Reading Strategies

Wednesday, September 27

9:30 pm

Resumes and Cover Letters

Tuesday, October 3

9:30 pm

APA Citation

Wednesday, October 4

9:30 pm

MLA Citation

Thursday, October 5

9:30 pm

Turabian Citation

Wednesday, October 11

9:30 pm

Verb Tense

Thursday, October 12

9:30 pm

Subject/Verb Agreement

Wednesday, October 18

9:30 pm

Articles and Pronouns

Thursday, October 19

9:30 pm

Active vs Passive Voice

Tuesday, October 24


Analyzing Text and Poetry

Wednesday, November 1

9:30 pm


Thursday, November 2

9:30 pm

Commas and Run-on Sentences

Tuesday, November 7

9:30 pm

Brainstorming, Outlining, and Introductions

Wednesday, November 8


Thesis Statements

Tuesday, November 14

9:30 pm

Concise, Professional Writing

Wednesday, November 15

9:30 pm

Researching and Organizing Research

Thursday, November 30

9:30 pm

Proofreading and Editing Strategies