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About the RWC

Location: McKay 199          E-mail:          Phone: 808-675-3629

What We Do:
The Reading/Writing Center is a free university service. Our purpose is to assist students and faculty with their reading and/or writing by having students meet one-on-one or in small groups with our tutors. We currently offer in-person tutorials only. You can find out more about our tutorials here. 

Who are these tutors?

Our tutors are all full-time BYU-Hawaii students.  They are nationally certified and trained to assist students with a wide range of reading and writing skills, including developing a thesis, improving grammar and vocabulary, and writing creative stories and memoirs. They are from a range of different majors and backgrounds, and are able to help you with whatever you need. You can get to know our current tutors here.


What else is at the Center?

We have a library with books organized according to reading level, and computers that you can use to work on homework, print assignments, etc. We have skills books, microlabs, and a big file drawer full of handouts regarding a variety of grammar principles. Did we mention there are two big comfy couches?


To schedule an appointment:

If you’d like to meet with a tutor, you can schedule an appointment by walking into the Center and speaking with someone at the desk, or call us at 808-675-3629.


If you don’t have an appointment:

You can simply walk in and ask if a tutor is available.  If all our tutors are busy, we have a waitlist.  If you need to see a tutor, but all tutors are busy, ask the tutor at the desk to put you on the waitlist. If a tutor finishes early, or a student misses their appointment, the next available tutor will see you.