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Every year, the BYU-Hawaii Reading/Writing Center engages in more than 6000 face-to-face tutorials. Tutorials last for 30 minutes and are based on your sense of the help you would like to receive. We do not simply proofread or edit papers, but if you are willing to sit down with a tutor and discuss your writing assignments, our tutors can help you find ways to strengthen your writing. Come discover how helpful a tutorial can be!

The Reading/Writing Center's one-on-one tutorials can assist you in whatever writing or reading assignments you may need help with. Our experience is diverse and we can help you with all types of writing or reading assignments. It doesn't matter if it's EIL or your final research paper.

Our purpose is to improve your writing, not to proofread and fix your paper. This means we need your involvement and input throughout the tutorial. Come prepared with an idea of what you need help with and we can help you even better. 

In order to get help on your assignment, make an appointment with us by either coming into the center and asking the person at the desk for an appointment or calling us at (808) 675-3629


  • You can make only 1 appointment per day
  • You can have only 2 appointments per week
  • If you're 5 or more minutes late to your appointment, it is liable to be given to someone else
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, your absence will be recorded as a MISS.
  • Missing 3 appointments will ban you from scheduling anymore. You will still be allowed to use the wait list.
  • If you want a stamp or signature showing you came in, the appointment must be at least 20 minutes long.
  • You must bring a freshly printed copy of your paper to the tutorial (free from markings).