Reading and Writing Center

The Reading/Writing Center is a free resource for students, staff, and faculty. We foster a friendly, collaborative environment where students from around the world can develop skills and confidence in English reading and writing. We offer several services, including one-on-one and group tutorials, workshops, in-class workshops, citation assistance, and so on. We have a small library of fiction and EIL related books that university members are welcome to utilize as well as a computer lab and printer. The Center is located in MCK 199.
Schedule A Tutor Session
The Reading/Writing Center offers reading or writing tutorials to assist students in their academic work. In order to make an appointment, students may come in to the center and speak to the front desk tutor, call us on the phone, or email us. Appointment length may vary depending on the needs of the student. The appointments are 45 minutes in length. Students may bring paper or digital versions of their assignments. The tutors are equipped to help students in several types of writing for different classes. This includes, but is not limited to, English, EIL, business management, political science, and psychology. The tutors are majoring in various subjects which gives them a wide range of writing and reading experience.
Call us to make an appointment: 808-675-3629
Writers' Resources
We offer many types of resources in our center and on our website. Please browse through our online resources to find helpful tips. Our online resources include handouts on structure, organization, thesis statements, reading strategies, grammar, citation, resumes, etc. A great resource are the Microlabs that students can place on their Canvas and improve their grammatical skills. The resources in our center consist of the tutors, reference books, computers, helpful handouts, library books, etc. We also offer workshops that our tutors teach. These workshops cover topics such as grammar, structure, reading, and research.